Tinder dating, Your profile: the key

Obviously you can imagine: your profile is the element that will determine whether you will have zero or dozens of conversations.

The most important in your profile, are your photos, you must choose carefully (especially the first).

It can take up to 6 photos, I do not advise you to fill all: you do not make a photo album!
The goal is obviously to make a good “window” so choose pictures that bring you value, especially the first.

The first photo is the most important because most girls do not bother to look in detail at all the pictures of all profiles, other photos may serve to enhance your profile for some girls who will look in detail. However they remain more secondary.

The first picture must be flawless, you should see your face and you have to be alone on the photo. If you’re a girl, they probably think that this is your friend, anyway it will be unacceptable to you. If you are with other people, the girl will not know just who is who and not “likera” not your profile so it will not be good either.

A portrait-type photograph is ideal for a first picture, if you have one or a friend (e) photographer, enjoy!

Since the description is not visible at first sight and we have to go on the person’s profile to view it (done by a minority of people) you do not have to fill , nothing will change as long as your pictures are relevant.

So first, your first photo is ideally close up or at least you need to be relatively close on the photo.

Regarding the following, it is to showcase your hobbies, your passions.

I advise you to put a picture of you on a journey, a picture of you practicing an activity you enjoy (surfing, windsurfing, guitar, …), a picture of yourself with friends and that is enough. It’s very superficial, it’s a fact! Indeed, just as our company, this application is really based on the image and you have to do with whether you want to retrieve numbers.
Clearly, if you give the image of someone who plays, who full of passions, friends and does not draw the mouth, Tinder will work well for you!

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