Some tips on using the Tinder app

Guys, if you want a chopper max ass plans or the girl of your dreams, we have to respect certain rules that I communicate to you in all sincerity:

Choose pictures of you the most natural
Do not overdo the photos with sunglasses
Do not do too much with your muscular torso and your chocolate bars
Avoid group shots or your cat / dog / parrot (and so on)
Please, do not write “Tinder Surprise” on your page (viewed, reviewed and annoying)
Do not overuse quotes, whether in French or English, get out of the lot
Be honest from the beginning when you are asked what you want (of course, always be polite and courteous, but call the shots right away: you are looking for a serious relationship or a one-night or you are open to both based on feeling)

Sometimes, the application will be nobody to suggest but do not hurry the boys! Come back later or widen your search perimeter, but rest assured, there will always be something for you. Another thing to know: App works thanks to geolocation which means you can see where you are to maybe meet a girl you like in the vicinity.

Obviously, the purpose of this application is to allow you to meet girls so take the time to talk with them but do not delay too much either to offer them a drink to get to know. Also, do not insist if you feel they are not (yet) packed with the idea to meet you. Do not take the lead and take him not his! Last important reminder: exit covered! Always have condoms on you guys! Be responsible, cautious and respectful!

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