It’s match! now what?

Did you like his profile, it yours, she’s cute and please? Perfect !

Now it is the address. Do not think for centuries to what to say is relatively simple. Here are three possibilities (among an infinity) for the address:

Start by locating a detail of one of its pictures or description and bounce above amusing or ask him a question about it.

Using his first name, just send “Sophie! “You’ll see that it works almost systematically. After his reply, according to what it says, directly engage the clutch.

greet simply, nothing fancy “Hi Jeanine! ”

I highly recommend the second option which is very original because nobody uses.

She will work in most cases, it is the simplest.

However if you notice a detail that draws you into her photos, something light, something unusual, eye-catching, approach the speaking of that detail.

For example in this conversation, Xavier (former intern at Lifestyle Council) uses a detailed picture of the girl, in this case his cat. Needless to say that it worked well.

Otherwise, even simpler, using his first name followed by an exclamation point to cause surprise.

Then you can react in one of the pages that you both like on Facebook, it’s the little interests in common that can be very useful to develop the conversation. Here I simply used the fact that she loves “Little Bamboo” page, which worked very well since market plays the game. A few messages later, just ask for the number.

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